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Great Student Discounts On Summer Perfumes

Now that summer is well and truly on its way it’s a good idea to get your summer scent in order. All those in the know, know every well that one should have a separate perfume for the summer and for the winter. However, as a student we all know that cash can be pretty tight at times. Thankfully, if you’re thinking about treating yourself to something fresh and new you won’t have to break the bank thanks to some of the great deals, discounts and offers available from companies like Fragrance Direct.

Your perfume say just as much about you as your wardrobe. Rather than being an extra little add-on to lift the spirits of those around you, it’s actually an integral part of your look. Now that the cold, wind-blown summer has receded and things are a little lighter it’s time to switch your up.

Steer clear of those heavy, winter-tinged scents like fresh leather, tobacco and juniper and go for bright, fresh citrusy scents like lemon, tangerine and a sprinkling of fresh cut grass. With light scents in the summer you’ll often find you have to use a lot less and will still turn heads…for all of the right reasons. Plus, thanks to some great deals available through Fragrance Direct, you’ll even save some serious cash.

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